EFSUMB Ultrasound Learning Centres (ULC) are established and renowned ultrasound departments at universities, hospitals and in medical practices, led by respected ultrasound practitioners, approved by EFSUMB, where participants can spend a period of time learning about and improving their knowledge in various applications of ultrasound.


  1. If participants are from outside the host country the teaching language is English. Participants from outside Europe are also welcomed, with the language of instruction expected to be English.
  2. Applicants should send to the relevant ULC their CV, proof of status as a medical doctor and proof acceptable to the ULC that the applicant has a level of proficiency in the proposed course language. All applicants must have a background knowledge and experience in the practice of ultrasound and have the intention to establish ultrasound procedures as a substantial portion of their medical career.
  3. Acceptance of an applicant is at the discretion of the ULC Director(s). Once accepted, where necessary for visa purposes, the ULC may issue an invitation letter to the participant, who is responsible for obtaining the visa. In exceptional circumstances, the UCL Director may seek the guidance of EFSUMB as to the suitability of a participant, but this will only be necessary rarely. A clear indication of the length of time the participant will be accepted at the UCL will be given prior to starting, with discretion as to any extension left to the UCL. It is expected that most periods of learning will initially be for 1 – 4 weeks, with the possibility to negotiate longer periods or a later return.
  4. Any offer of free accommodation, meals or contributions to travel costs is entirely at the discretion of the host ULC and may vary between Centres. All facilities and conditions of the local ULC should be listed and EFSUMB recommends a dedicated webpage of the ULC. The relevant level of theoretical and practical instruction will be notified to each participant prior to his or her arrival.
  5. No charge will be made for attending an ULC. An EFSUMB certificate, signed by its Director(s), may be awarded by a ULC as proof that the participant has achieved a particular standard in ultrasound learning and may not be considered in any circumstances as a certificate of training. A fee of 50 euro is payable directly to the ULC for such certificate, 20 euro of which will be withheld by the ULC and the remainder transferred to EFSUMB in accordance with section 9 below.
  6. Each participant shall be required to complete an evaluation form, to be provided by EFSUMB, relating to their experiences at the ULC.


  1. The Director(s) of the ULC shall be a member of an EFSUMB National Society and an experienced teacher of ultrasound. The request for ULC status shall be supported by the Board of the member’s National Society of Ultrasound and by an institutional letter of recognition (issued by the university or hospital) describing the existing experience (e.g. start date of courses, curriculum, number of graduates, insertion in the national framework of graduate / postgraduate education).
  2. The request for ULC status shall be sent to EFSUMB (efsumb@efsumb.org) in writing with the Director’s CV, list of publications and teaching experience. The teaching staff in the ULC shall be identified with relevant experience.
  3. It is the responsibility of the ULC to comply with the local regulations in force at the ULC institution when requesting ULC status Compliance with any such regulation is the sole responsibility of the Director(s).
  4. A ULC shall comply with the following requirements
    1. all equipment in the UCL noted, with those including new technology and transducers highlighted
    2. an availability of ultrasound machines and / or simulators that allow practical hands-on training for each participant
    3. a maximum of six participants for each available US machine per course with fewer participants for each machine preferred
    4. a readiness to follow the curriculum of the EFSUMB Course Book on Ultrasound. The expectation of EFSUMB is that the Course Book shall form a basis of knowledge and a manual of instruction to the participants
  5. EFSUMB shall offer participants subsidised copies of the EFSUMB Course Book on Ultrasound at a reduced price. The Books may be supplied in advance in bulk at EFSUMB’s expense to the ULC, payment for which shall be made to EFSUMB together with participants’ certificate fees on an annual basis.
  6. The request for evaluation as a ULC shall be considered by the Education and Professional Standards Committee (EPSC), whose decision may be referred, in writing on appeal to the Executive Bureau (ExB).
  7. On acceptance as a ULC a fee of 100 euro is payable to EFSUMB and a certificate of ULC status will be issued. The head of the ULC shall have the title of Director of EFSUMB ULC [city] or if more than one Director as Co-Directors. The ULC‘s will be listed on the EFSUMB website with a link to the individual ULC.
  8. Where a ULC has been accredited, the Education and Professional Standards Committee may nominate 1 official unpaid EFSUMB observer who shall attend and provide a report to the EPSC on the quality of the syllabus and teaching, the ULC‘s facilities and the ULC’s final certificated evaluation.
  9. Re-evaluation of each ULC shall be performed every 5 years and a certificate shall be reissued by the EPSC on payment of the applicable fee. If the ULC no longer wishes to be considered it shall notify EFSUMB in writing before the expiration of the 5 year period.
  10. The ULC shall provide annually a brief written summary to EFSUMB about the training programme, current teachers and list of the participants.









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