EFSUMB Ultrasound Learning Centre - VBUMF Timişoara

      Ultrasound imaging began its story 40-50 years ago and continued its development until present days. Even though computer tomography and magnetic resonance imaging have some advantages, among them the most important the use of contrast agents, in the last years ultrasound contrast agents were introduced increasing the value of this method. The Ultrasound Learning Centre Timişoara was founded in 1995 under the umbrella of "Victor Babeş" University of Medicine and Pharmacy Timişoara, coordinated by Prof. Ioan Sporea, MD, PhD.
      Until now more than 1000 physicians started their ultrasound experience in our centre. Currently, ULC-Timisoara functions in the County Hospital “Pius Brânzeu” of Timisoara that services approximately 2 million inhabitants. At the moment, our center has the largest monocentric experience in CEUS in Europe, and plenty of interesting ultrasonographic cases to present. Among other scientific meetings, the centre organizes every year 2 courses of general ultrasound in Romanian, 3 months each. These courses are finalized by an ultrasound test, followed by an ultrasound exam to obtain a board certificate in ultrasonography, after which the doctor can perform ultrasound in clinical practice.
Therefore, we encourage you to submit to our learning center and benefit from our ultrasound experience.

General Abdominal Ultrasonography Course Topics:
  1. Introduction
  2. Physics of ultrasounds. Safety in ultrasonography
  3. Ultrasonographic Anatomy
  4. Gallbladder Ultrasonography
  5. Chronic Hepatitis. Diffuse and focal hepatic steatosis
  6. Liver cirrhosis
  7. Hepatic cystic lesions
  8. Benign hepatic tumors
  9. Malignant hepatic lesions
  10. Pancreatic ultrasonography
  11. Renal ultrasonography
  12. Suprarenal glands ultrasonography
  13. Spleen ultrasonography
  14. Retroperitoneal ultrasonography
  15. Interventional ultrasonography
  16. Intestinal ultrasonography
  17. Acute and chronic pancreatitis
  18. Ultrasonography in medico-surgical emergences
  19. New achievements in ultrasound (harmonics, contrast agents, PIHI)
  20. Contrast enhanced Ultrasound
  21. Lymph nodes and vessels
  22. Gynecological ultrasonography
  23. Echocardiography
  24. Vascular ultrasound
  25. Ultrasound in urology
  26. Thyroid ultrasonography
  27. Breast ultrasound
  28. Endoscopic ultrasound
  29. Ultrasound in pediatrics
  30. Clinical ultrasonography

      The courses are given by the following members of the centre’s faculty, all experienced ultrasonographists (EFSUMB Level III) and teachers: Prof. Ioan Sporea MD, PhD, Lecturer Alina Popescu, MD, PhD, Lecturer Roxana Şirli, MD, PhD, and Assist. Prof. Mirela Dănilă, MD, PhD. Thru this ultrasound learning center, our team wants to share its experience to those who are willing to learn and understand this wonderful imaging method.

The centre benefits also of its own educational materials, CDs, DVDs, books:

Educational CDs and DVDs:
  • Transabdominal ultrasonography of the digestive tract – trilingual edition, 1996
  • Library of ultrasound images – 2001
  • Interventional ultrasound in gastroenterology – 2002
  • Learning transabdominal ultrasound of the digestive tract – 2002
  • Learning transabdominal ultrasound – 2003
  • Learning transabdominal ultrasound – English version, 2004
  • Transabdominal ultrasound for the evaluation of inflammatory bowel diseases – bilingual edition, 2004
  • Library of ultrasound video images – educational DVD, bilingual edition 2004
  • Imagistic of chronic pancreatitis – 2005
  • Ultrasound in Hepatology – 2006
  • Interventional ultrasound guided techniques - 2007
  • Minimum training recommendations for the practice of medical ultrasound in Europe – 2008
  • Contrast enhanced ultrasound in focal liver lesions - 2009

  1. Ecografia abdominală în urgenţele medico-chirurgicale. Gluhovschi G., Sporea I., Boiboreanu P., Matieș P., Ed. Helicon Timișoara 1995
  2. Ecografia transabdominală a tubului digestiv. Sporea I., Ed. Mirton, Timișoara 1996
  3. Ghid practic de ecografie abdominală. Gluhovschi Gh., Sporea I., Ed. Helicon Timișoara 1999
  4. Ghid practic de ecografie abdominală, Ediţia a II-a. Gluhovschi Gh., Sporea I., Ed. Mirton Timișoara 2001
  5. Ecografia abdominală în practica clinică. Cijevschi Prelipcean C., Sporea I., Ed. Mirton, Timișoara 2001
  6. Ecografia abdominală în practica clinică, Ediția a II-a. Cijevschi Prelipcean C., Sporea I., Ed. Mirton, Timișoara 2004
  7. Ecografia cu substanţă de contrast (CEUS) în patologia abdominală. Sporea I., Dănilă M., Popescu A., Şirli R., Ed. Mirton, Timișoara, 2009
  8. Ecografia abdominală în practica clinică. Ediția a II-a revăzută și adăugită. Sporea I., Cijevschi Prelipcean C., Dănilă M., Popescu A., Șirli R., Ed. Mirton Timișoara 2010
  9. Hepatic Elastography Using Ultrasound Waves. Sporea I., Șirli R. (editors). Bentham Science Publishers 2012. eISBN: 978-1-60805-463-3; ISBN: 978-1-6805-557-9; (e-book)

      Prof. Ioan Sporea and Dr. Alina Popescu are also co-authors of two chapters in the EFSUMB course book on ultrasound. Dietrich CF (Ed). 2012. Published by EFSUMB.
  • Sporea I., Friedrich-Rust M., Gilja OH. Estimation of liver stiffness using ultrasound waves
  • Ana Paula Barreiros, Alina Popescu, Julie Walton. Ultrasound of the biliary system

            Prof. Ioan Sporea, MD, PhD.